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TURFSIGNS has stolen all of our artwork from our website to use for their benefit. We have spent well over 100,000 in SEO and they are piggy backing off our hard work and money spent.

They not incorporated, they do not have insurance, they do not pay Florida State Taxes, Workers Comp, TURFSIGNS is actually owned by the Disbrow Corporation and is under the protection of Chapter 11.

They owe over a million $1,000,000 to vendors they have screwed over. Just GOOGLE ADCO or TURF SIGNS AND READ the other complaints by consumers..Buyer Be VERY AWARE of who you hand your credit card number too!!

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Plant City, Florida, United States #970755

Well plan it earth is ran by brett melanson who buys under age call girls and prostitues Then snorts coke and has Even made one robin Schaeffer his live in girlfriend while Still married and claiming to be a religous man of God.

to Mike #974559

I believe my record speaks for itself Mikey .. Anyone wants to investigate you're name under arrest inquiries and warrants with hillsborough county sheriffs office will seek the truth ..

How many times have you been arrested mikey ? It's apparent you are an angry ex spreading lies about me and Robin. Have fun running from the law ..cause the are actively seeking you out. And yes I am a Godly man ..

What are you ? Michael Harris "mike" "mikey"


Haha this is an entertaining thread.. I don't know why anyone would defend mr disbrow or brandon ..

Both are well known locally as selfish scumbags that focus more on bad-mouthing legitimate businesses than focusing on running their own company.

I saw next level turf is mowing now to make up for the fertilizer accounts they can't keep .. Times must be tough hahahaha

Orlando, Florida, United States #706167

Brett melanson with pie posted these complaints

He is a low life trailer boy, Turfsigns rocks he hates them because he is a print broker that screwed over Turfsigns and attempted to partner with them but ripped off john and his wife.

If you want the hole story contact Brandon melanson Brett's brother!

He rents a building from john and warned him not to lett brett sell johns printing.

Brett is a lawyer happy sue happy thief who is a coward and talkes about johns wife because he is mad that john sells printing for less than him.

Call Brandon melanson at next level turf for the entires story about brett and Turfbrands!

to Bib b Mooresville, North Carolina, United States #706201

Nice Post ! j.k I didnt hide the fact I was Brett when I wrote the blog. I know you are someone very close to Brandon aka my brother. I have my day in court finally. and the truth will come out. If John Disbrow did nothing wrong, then why on AUGUST 15, at 9 am did we win a Emergency Injunction ? and proceeding with depositions of all employees of TURFSigns including my nephew who works for them, the son of Brandon. Yes, I have risen from very modest beginnings and become the proud CEO of two great companies, TURFBrands and Plant It Earth. We employ well over 70 people and are getting stronger year by year.

The people who know the story will be there on our behalf in this civil lawsuit case. I hope whom ever wrote the above is willing to share their stories in court!

I have a hunch since the person {s} who wrote this post are in Orlando right now at Disney World...Thank you for reconfirming our family decision

to brett #709267

In reply to you last comment on this post if the person who was in Orlando wrote the above post the grammar would have been alot better.I enjoy my time with my family when I am away not worrying about JUNK on the internet. I have had no prior knowledge of this site until it was pointed out to me by our neighbor.

I find it funny that your "family" decision benefits no one but yourself.

As for your "nephew" not sure where you are going with that angle but he does work for us not next door. If you have such a problem with our(your) family you would think you would leave us alone and quit dragging us into your drama.

to Anonymous Charlotte, North Carolina, United States #709293

your neighbor huh ? You mean John Disbrow ?

I thought it was maybe you or your son, but its clear john disbrow wrote that bib b post and clearly speaks for your family. you guys disgust me ! Your a phony and a joke ! Wanna keep posting?

Maybe I will post something that will blow your mind ! Hope you all live a happy life togehter, because people like john need people like you !

go sit on your throne Queen B.. Why dont you go back to your trailer park office and kick someone out on the street you slum lord !

to Anonymous Charlotte, North Carolina, United States #709298

also let me say have never been my family ! You have always casted me away from the moment I met you !

Your a fake friend and family member ! My decision to vacate me and my family from you and my so called brother, was the best decision i have ever made. You become who you surround yourself with, So keep having friends like the will see where that leads you . Drama ?

Dont get me started on your drama ...cause I still have the tape ....keep it up..

what have you done for anyone ? you have created no jobs, you never have helped anyone that i have ever seen, you kicked me out when I was going through a hard time in 1995. How does a family member do that ? your a disgrace to the family name.

and like I said your slum lords. period !

to Anonymous Charlotte, North Carolina, United States #709308

BTW. I didn't drag you no where ! Your "friend" MR DISBROW did. I posted an honest factual post about my business dealings with him and "HE" was the one who dragged you into this ..NOT ME. So talk to him ! I will defend myself against you or anyone else who tries and hurt me. I am done being mr nice guy ..

And your son did work for the disbrows ! Its even on his face book page ..Works for ADCO!

And he asked alot of "my friends and even my wife's family to befriend TURFSIGNS a couple months back ! REALLY ? Mr disbrow steals my idea for which I have my day in court for, but then hires my nephew to compete against me. WOW and Im sure you all were over joyed with that . Anyway you can hurt me you guys have done it ! Im done with it and I am ready for whatever WAR you want to start bring it on !!!!

i dare you to reply, cause you have none ! DO YOU ?????

to Anonymous #709366

i am not looking for any type of WAR and no one speaks for us. I stay out the business next door.

I always tried to be there for you and your family and am sorry that you feel otherwise. I thought the past was laid to rest with your mother and we were going to try to move forward as a family. i respect your wishes to move away and we have tried to stay out of your business and your families life. as for connor he has moved on from next door and now works elsewhere.

i posted because i didnt want myself confused in a situation that i was not aware.

Like I stated before i am not looking for any type of war or word slinging with you. It saddens me to see what has happened between brothers

to Anonymous Charlotte, North Carolina, United States #710640

All I can Say is ..John has told me over the phone and posted this for the world to see..that my "brother" told him i was a bad person. and he feels that my brother would back up that post if you just contact him

Also, I stated to my "brother" prior to hiring what his face, that if he did I would not be able to have ANY relationship with him and his family. He hired him! After whats his name wrote me that "black mail" or "No option" email at 11:17 pm thursday night..Leaving the company or else.. WTF!

After taking extremely good care of him for years. I discovered looking at whats his name phone records and who was he talking to for hours each day for 4 days in Colorado in front of "my uncle" it was "my brother" This man was literally trying to defame me and hurt his brother deeply by making false rumors and even more so, stalking me and my family to where I have a LIFE LONG restraining order against him. You have only heard that side and I am including "my brother" in saying that. There is a few other major reasons why but I dont want to ramble. And neither of you can compare hiring whats his name to matt c. matt left and started his own thing for a year and half almost, and I believe what matt did may be wrong, but your husband was doing wrong things and he knows it. and matt had no other option because "my brother" has always been on the greedy side and everyone knows it. you cant live like you guys live and have what you have and pay less than what is deserved..and "my brother" has always disagreed with my business model and I guess I have proven him wrong by NOW?? So, he has hated me for it because he fileds questions when people here what I pay at my company. Funny, The guy who started all those problems for my "brother" was whats his name...He was playing and still is playing everyone..and you know I hear and see you all just smiling in pics together and dont think that hurts me? I never even hung out and made matt c a part of our family..yo guys just know how to hurt deeply..but you think you guys are loving people and givers...not have much more to give than what you do. LUKE 12:48, I have built many companies now in my life and I will always be a giver. But to compare the two guys hirings is insane, esp when I looked "my brother" in the eye and said if he hired him that was this IS NOT MY DOING !

Now, you did inject "my nephew" into the middle of a war YOU KNEW i was going through and you cannot deny that! I had to field a ton of calls from friends and FAMILY saying what the *** is your nephew doing ?? So, from my perspective, you are all just continuing to keep us apart and hurt me. the proof is everywhere.

Like I said i can go on and on! and I covered some things in my previous posts.

it is sad ! I was always wanting "my brothers" love! But its not the first time "my brother" has deeply hurt me.

I still haven't seen a post that defames the post from Bib B...If my brother didnt say that or make john feel like he can just post things like come there isnt a post from "my brother" saying otherwise ? By now I am sure he is aware? and john calls me a coward, he posted it from a different city and using a name that was supposed to be BIG B, who is the coward?

Im here and will be here to answer anyone anytime, and I DO have my day in court coming! Will you guys be there ??? Well sounds like you have john thinking so...

reminds me of the other evil person you surrounded yourself with...Lee. He also did some shady *** on the internet ...ya I remember... But 'my brother" let that *** go too...Stories and stories of that guy...

but the one guy who has worked hard to help "my brother" me, is the evil one...funny, Anyone who knows me knows what i stand for and I am very proud of what I have accomplished in life. "my brother' always called me LUCKY! to say I didnt earn what I have in know how many times he has said LUCKY to ME?? you know how hurtful that is coming from a man I looked up to and was my father figure, that he is not proud of me ? that its all LUCK.. I am rambling, just saying I have never been evil to him this day !

and I am the brother who had it the worst and I dont care what either one of them say..

to Bib b Mooresville, North Carolina, United States #706512

THIS is john disbrow's answer to people online (back in 2009) complaining of his company ADCO. I guess he was willing to SUE over someone just saying "LIES" about people actually do *** over hire a lawyer to defend yourself and claim damages just like I did, and will if anyone tries to hurt our companies ..


#5 REBUTTAL Owner of company

Never heared of this person. False statements and lies

AUTHOR: John Disbrow - (U.S.A.)

SUBMITTED: Tuesday, October 27, 2009

This person is lying. I have never done business with anyone named lisa b.

we are a commercial printer and we never have ripped anyone off. My guess is this is a competitor trying to ruin my reputation. Whoever wrote this have the guts to say who you are so i can sue you for lying.

adcoprinting sells at very low prices and does quality work. We have been open for over 10 years. I am the owner and have never met this person and i know this is a false statement. Call and we have many satisfied customers.

Buddy's Home Furnishings, Tampa.

Rent King also located in Tampa and many more.

John Disbrow



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Orlando, Florida, United States #702735

I heard his wife accepts payments in the form of $1 bills.


check out the turf on his head!

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